Super Tuscan

Super Tuscan

What is a Super Tuscan?

  • Super Tuscans are wines from Tuscany which do not follow the DOC or DOCG classification rules
  • The key difference is that they use French Grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, etc which DOC/DOCG does not allow
  • Wine critic Robert Parker coined the phrase
  • They are classified as IGT wines
  • Started in 1940 when winemakers in Bolgheri on the West Coast of Tuscany started making wine from grapes which are not the traditional Sangiovese
  • Super Tuscans are basically a Bordeaux Blend containing Sangiovese, usually around a third
  • While excellent in quality and can be extremely expensive they are given the IGT classification, below DOC or DOCG
  • They will not say Super Tuscan on the label, you are usually looking for IGT Toscana on the table, IGT from Tuscany

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