What is Rosé?

  • Rosé is a summertime wine, light, crisp and refreshing
  • Any red grape can be used to make Rosé
  • Made by pressing red grapes and removing the skins very quickly
  • The color comes from the red grape skins however is lighter than a typical red wine due to the quick removal of skins
  • The taste and smell of Rose cannot be judged by it’s colour
  • Rosé is meant to be consumed young, the year it is bottled, otherwise it will lose it’s freshness

Where does Rosé come from?

  • Rosé is traditionally from France, however is produced all over the world
  • It is called Rosado in Spanish, or Rosato in Italian

Taste & nose

  • Drink chilled with a white wine glass

What food pairs well with Rosé?

  • Shellfish, seafood, oysters
  • Good as apertif before a red meat meal in summer, such as a barbeque