What is Muscadet?

  • Crisp white wine style
  • Pronounced mus-ka-day
  • Made from the grape Melon de Bourgogne, originally from Burgandy
  • Often labeled with ‘Sur Lie’, meaning on the leaves indicating that the grapes have been left to age on the leaves after the winter harvest
  • Typically pale lemon in color
  • Good alternative to Sauvingon Blanc and Pintot Gris

Where is Muscadet from?

  • From the westernmost point of the Loire valley in France, around the city of Nantes
  • Flat south-facing vineyards, in a maritime climate
  • Also planted in Oregon

What does Muscadet taste like?

  • Medium in aromatics
  • Lots of fruit on the nose, mandarin, orange, nectarine, peach
  • Palette of citrus such as tangerine, oranges, quite intense
  • Beautifully balanced with body, acid, punchy fruit
  • Medium to high acid, good minerality, bone dry
  • Medium alcohol, medium body

What food does Muscadet go well with?

  • Seafood, shellfish, oysters