Argentinian Malbec

Argentinian Malbec

What is Argentinian Malbec?

  • Malbec is the main red grape grown in Argentina
  • Is native to South-West France in Cahors, was brought to Argentina in the 1860s
  • Due to it’s popularity in the US many people think Malbec is from Argentina

Where is Argentinian Malbec grown?

  • Mendoza is the main wine region for Malbec
  • Also grown in Salta
  • Nicasia and Catena Zapata are the best quality Malbecs

What does Argentinian Malbec taste like?

  • Nose of black cherry, blue berry, plum
  • Less acid and tannins compared to French Malbec
  • Won’t last as long as a French Malbec

What food does Argentinian Malbec go with?

  • Grilled meats, beef and lamb