What is the Puglia wine region?

  • Pronounced ‘pulia
  • Very warm climate, also dry
  • Heel of the boot of Italy
  • One of the larger regions of Italy in terms of volume
  • Adriatic sea on the eastern coast
  • Has a greek influence, being the closest Italian region to Greece
  • Most of Italy’s olive oil is also grown in this region

What grapes are grown in Puglia?

  • Area with many different grape varietals
  • Primitivo is the main grape in Puglia
  • Native white grapes are Vereraca, Bombino Bianco,  Malvasia, Bianco d’Alessano
  • Native Red grapes are Primitivo, Negramaro, Nero di Triora, Malvasa Nera, Bombino Nero and Susumaniello
  • More red wine than white
  • Nero di Triora dominaes the north of Puglia
  • Primitovo and Negramaro dominate the south of Puglia

What are the sub-regions of Puglia?

  • Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Reserva DOCG, Primitivo di Manduria DOC and Salica Salentino DOC are the important appelacions of Puglia

What types of wine are produced in Puglia?

  • Mostly red wine, Primitivo dominant blends
  • Some great value wines can be found from smaller producers in Puglia
  • The reds are super fruity and high in alcohol due to the heat
  • Historically wine from this region was sent to Northern Italy for use in blends