What is Sémillon?

  • White grape from the Bordeaux region in France
  • Pronounced ‘semi-on’
  • Third most planted grape in France after Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc
  • Genetically very close to Sauvignon Blanc and is often blended together as Sauvignon Blanc has a higher acid
  • High-end Sémillon can age very well
  • Easy to grow, thick-skinned

Where is Sémillon grown?

  • Grows well in moderate to warm climates
  • Bordeaux, South Africa, and Australia (Hunter Valley, Barossa)
  • Can be made in a dry and sweet style

What does Sémillon taste like?

  • When young are very fresh
  • Has medium to high acid
  • Petrol, honey, almonds
  • Sémillon Bordeaux is typically oaked
  • Low in acid unless picked early

What food goes well with Sémillon?

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