Savagnin Blanc

What is Savagnin Blanc?

  • White grape from Eastern-France
  • Is not related to Sauvignon Blanc despite the name similarity
  • Gewurztraminer is a clone of Savagnin Blanc, Traminer and Savagnin Blanc are the same grape
  • Often blended with Chardonnay

Where is Savagnin Blanc grown?

  • Jura region in France, which is between Burgandy and Switzerland
  • Also grown in Australia, where it was originally mistaken and mislabeled as Albarino
  • Is called Heida and Paien in Switzerland

What does Savagnin Blanc taste like?

  • Very aromatic
  • Minerality
  • Nutty, Sherry like
  • Tropical/citrus

What food pairs well with Savagnin Blanc?

  • Roast chicken
  • Cream sauce-based dishes
  • Comté cheese