What is Loureiro?

  • White grape indigenous to Portugal
  • Good varietal to be had young however does age well for 10 years if a good producer
  • Named Vinho Verde, Green wine, because while other regions dry up and are yellow in color, Vinho Verde remains green in terrain
  • Vinho Verde is the name of the appellation

Where is Loureiro grown?

  • From the North-West corner of Portugal, a cooler area of the country
  • Vinho Verde region is the most planted grape, which means green wine, not for the color of the wine, it is in fact almost white in color

What does Loureiro taste like?

  • Summery wine, very fresh and bright
  • Lower in alcohol, 12-13%
  • Medium to high in acid

What food does Loureiro go well with?

  • Summer dishes, salads, fish, crab,