Grenache blanc

What is Grenache blanc?

  • White wine related to the red grape based Grenache Noir
  • Straw-colored
  • Excellent blending wine, often with Marsanne and Rousonne in Southern France
  • Sometimes blended with red wines
  • One of the White Chateauneuf-Du-Pape grapes
  • Called Grenacha Blanca in Spain where it is grown in the North-East

Where is Grenache blanc from?

  • From Northern Spain however, thrives in the Southern Rhone in France
  • Common in the Languedoc / Roussillon region in France
  • Also grown in California and South Africa

What does Grenache Blanc taste like?

  • High in alcohol
  • Crisp, dry acidity
  • Full-bodied wine
  • Aromas of green apple, mandarin, orange, peach, lime zest
  • Palate of salty minerals, pear, almond, green herbs
  • Very clean wine
  • Often light licorice notes in the finish
  • Excellent very cold unlike many white wines which tend to be better a little warmer after 10 minutes out of the fridge
  • Similar to Sauvignon Blanc

What food pairs well with Grenache Blanc?

  • Excellent aperitif as a parent cleaner, as well as a general summer wine
  • Light wine which goes well with salads, soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert
  • Any dishes with fennel or apple pair very well with Grenache Blanc
  • Milder spice dishes such as satay, Moroccan foods
  • Rich seafoods such as Lobster
  • Fatty meats like braised short-rib, pork shoulder, brisket