What is Falanghina?

  • Indigenous and ancient grape from Campania in Southern Italy
  • Very underestimated grape due to the global popularity of Pinot gris/ Pinot Grigio
  • The name comes from the latin word “falangae” which means vineyard stakes

Where does Falanghina grow?

  • Campania, in Southern Italy, just north of Naples
  • Grown exclusively along the Amalfi Coast which has a Mediterranean climate
  • Not really grown outside of the region at all

What does Falanghina taste like?

  • Dry, light body, medium-high acid, low alcohol
  • Lemon, peach, honey

What food pairs well with Falanghina?

  • Perfect pairing with seafood however is very versatile in pairing
  • Pasta dishes with a Tomato sauce
  • Fish, vegetables, any oil rich foods