What is Chardonnay?

  • Pronounced ‘shard-oh-nay’
  • Most produced white grape in the world
  • one of the six noble grapes
  • From Burgandy in France
  • One of the easier grapes to grow
  • Very adaptable and mouldable by the terroir and the winemaker
  • Very leafy vine which needs a lot of pruning and upkeep

Where is Chardonnay grown?

  • Chablis, Burgandy, and Champaign are cool to moderate climates
  • South Africa southern cape coast around walker bay

What does Chardonnay taste like?

  • Varies very widely in places and styles
  • Two key techniques dictate style, malolactic fermentation (butter notes) and oak, especially new or longer barrel aging (toast, clove, cinnamon, vanilla)
  • Cooler climate (e.g Chablis) Chardonnay is lemon, green apple, minerality
  • Warm climate (e.g. Australia) is pineapple, peach, apricot, melon, and mango
  • Chardonnay is not super aromatic on its own, most of the nose comes from the winemaking techniques
  • Acid is generally high, hotter is medium
  • French Chardonnay is fresh

What food does Chardonnay go well with?

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