What is Albarino?

  • Albarino is a variety of white grape from Galicia, in North West Spain
  • Originally thought to be from central Europe however most believe that the grape is native to the Iberian peninsula
  • Is called Alvarinho in Portugal
  • Generally considered to be Spain’s equivalent to Pinot Grigio
  • Thick skinned grape

Where is Albarino grown?

  • Galicia is on the Atlantic Ocean, with a Mediterranean climate
  • Grown around the Rías Baixas, four estuarine inlets
  • Cool and wet climate compared to the rest of Spain
  • Also grown in North West Portugal, where it is called Alvarinho
  • Melgaço and Monção are the main Portugal regions for Alvarinho

What does Albarino taste like?

  • Dry, crisp, clean, fresh
  • Citrous, apricot, peach
  • High acid, medium-low alcohol
  • Almost never in oak

What food does Albarino go well with?

  • Goes very well with seafood, especially lobster and crab
  • Great with any lemon based dish